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Broke City: Luca Lozano (NYC Debut) + D. Tiffany & more

FINALLY NYC emerges from the cold grip of winter! We want to celebrate this years glorious return to grill season with our most sizzling lineup of DJs across two separate rooms. In the main room we have three heavy hitters known equally for working dance floors into a frenzy and their particular non-adherence to rules. D. Tiffany brings a heady brand of high energy electro/house and techno accented by psychedelic texture, while Luca Lozano, who’s making his NYC debut, will seduce you with his irresistible blend of breaks, deep dubby bass, acid house and everything between. Finally local favorite Hank Jackson will keep track IDers on their toes with some of the deepest most adventurist cuts in the game. In the side room, Working Women — DJs Voices, Nicely and Nina — will be holding down a very special extended set. As unpredictable as they are flawless in their delivery of dancefloor rapture, these connoisseurs of forward thinking club jams will wash your troubles away and take you to places unknown. 

To ensure your full passage to ecstasy Low Res will provide a custom lighting installation. Did we mention a reinforced sound system? Can’t wait to share this very special, positive, safe night with good friends at one of our favorite BK clubs <3

***Discrimination, violence and non-consentual touching will NOT be tolerated***


Luca Lozano

Luca Lozano is a British techno producer based in Berlin, Germany. His sound draws heavily on the early rave era, exploring genres such as hardcore, breakbeat, acid house, newbeat, bleep, and jungle. Luca co-runs Klasse Recordings with techno artist Mr. Ho, as well as its sublabels Klasse Wrecks, ZODIAC44, and Grafiti Tapes.
Luca has released on Klasse Recordings, Klasse Wrecks, Morrid / Audio, Optimo Trax, Unknown to the Unknown, Crème Organization, Super Rhythm Trax, Hypercolour, Pelvis Records, 100% Silk, and Sex Tags UFO.

D. Tiffany

Newly relocated to Montreal, Sophie Sweetland, better known as D. Tiffany (and occasionally as DJ Zozi) is perhaps the most distinctive artist to emerge from this scene. With a curious approach dripping with charm and originality, her productions effortless roam the familiar grounds of deep house, techno, breakbeat, disco, and ambient, but with the playful confidence of a true visionary.
A sonic ambassador to the North, she has released music on Canadian labels Pacific Rhythm, Normals Welcome, Isla, Genero, Heart to Heart, and Cacao. She founded Planet Euphorique in 2018 and has showcased her amazing ear and A&R talents ever since, putting out a slew of top-notch records on the label with her distinctive touch.

Hank Jackson 

Anno Records boss and leftfield techno god, Hank Jackson’s reputation precedes him. Along with his releases on esteemed labels like Proibito and Mister Saturday Night Records, Hank has earned his near-mythical status effortlessly weaving techno, electro, breakbeat, Miami bass etc. etc.. into some of the most inspiring sets to bless Bossa Nova, Nowadays and other mainstay clubs across the city. 


Working Women

Working Women is a project rooted in elaboration, uncertainty, and persistence. It is a collaboration between DJs Nicely, Nina and Voices, but encourages the feedback and communal participation of all women, to whom we dedicate this project. 

As DJs, our methodology embraces improvisation, emotional exchange, theatricality, collective listening, taking knowing chances and above all an ongoing commitment to the art of djing, collaborating, and exploring a breadth of musical styles.